• How is a C3 Retreat park model different from a tiny house?

    All models in the C3 Retreat Series are classified as “Park Models”, a category of RVs designed for temporary recreational use and not intended for full-time occupancy or to serve as a permanent residence.

    Park models are mounted on wheels for transporting between RV parks, campgrounds or RV resorts and are often placed long-term or permanently on private property for recreational use by the owner.

    Unlike most so-called “tiny houses”, C3 park models are built in compliance with ANSI Standard A119.5 of the American National Standards Institute and certified by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). ANSI standard A119.5 limits the size of park models to less than 400 sq ft (excluding porches) and prescribes rigorous structural, life safety, electrical, plumbing and HVAC requirements for the construction and manufacture of park models. While park models are designed, engineered and constructed in strict accordance with ANSI standards, there is no code or standard governing the design or construction of “tiny houses” mounted on wheels, nor is there an established definition or specification for “tiny houses”.

  • How is a C3 Retreat park model different from a travel trailer?

    C3 Retreats are constructed of high-quality materials like those used in site-built homes rather than light-weight materials and fixtures used in travel trailers that can be towed with a pick-up truck or SUV. All C3 Retreats feature generous room sizes and ceiling heights, as well as exterior siding, interior walls, windows, doors, appliances, ceiling fans, bathroom fittings and other amenities that create the feel of an upscale cottage or cabin rather than a travel trailer. Due to their width, height and weight, C3 Retreats are not suitable for towing with a personal vehicle. C3 Retreats are classified as park model RVs which are specifically designed for semi-permanent placement in RV parks, RV resorts or on private land and require permits and towing with a semi-truck. Once delivered to your site, a C3 Retreat will need to be properly leveled, blocked and secured by a professional installer and then connected to utilities by licensed plumbing, electrical and HVAC contractors.

  • What makes a C3 Retreat the best park model choice?

    The caliber of materials we use and our construction are second to none. As you look over the list of C3 Retreat specifications you will notice that we build to a higher standard than most, resulting in a superior park model home that will provide you with many years of enjoyment. Knowing that your C3 Retreat is constructed using well-respected brands such as Hardie siding, Whirlpool, GE and LG appliances, Hunter fans and Atlantis steel cable porch railing, just to name a few, brings a high level of confidence and assurance to your buying experience. We also back our C3 Retreats with a One Year Limited Warranty and a Ten Year Structural Warranty.

  • How much does a C3 Retreat cost?

    C3 Retreat park models start in the mid-$50,000’s and are anything but standard. Every Retreat includes an impressive list of standard features you might expect in an upscale home. And if you desire more luxurious finishes, the list of optional upgrades is extensive, making your customization options nearly unlimited. Pricing for the optional upgrades will vary considerably depending on the finishes and materials you select.

  • How do I decide on the perfect C3 Retreat for me?

  • How long does construction take after I order my C3 Retreat?

    We take pride in our transparent pricing and streamlined construction process. Once you have selected your floorplan, exterior and interior finishes, and any optional upgrades you want to include, we will provide you with a contract that includes the final sales price. Once you approve and sign the contract, construction generally takes eight to ten weeks. This may vary depending on the lead times for certain optional upgrades you select, but we will be able to tell you that when we send you the contract. Our goal is to make the purchase of a C3 Retreat the easiest and most enjoyable home purchase you will ever make.

  • What else do I need to budget for in addition to the purchase cost of my C3 Retreat?

    Planning an accurate budget is a key step in your C3 Retreat purchase process. Include in your budget:

    • C3 Retreat purchase price – don’t forget to include sales tax and the cost of any upgrades you select
    • Land purchase price
    • Site work that may be necessary, including clearing the site, fill, grading, driveway, etc.
    • Site improvements and infrastructure that may have to be installed or extended – septic/sewer, water/well, electric service
    • Transport to your site, which requires a commercial semi-truck and licensed driver (we can help get an estimated freight cost once you provide the delivery address of your site)
    • Installation at your site, which includes leveling, blocking, tie-downs, etc. done by a reputable, licensed installer
    • Utility hook-ups and deposits with public utilities and licensed contractors
    • Insurance
    • Skirting and landscaping

  • If I don't pay cash, what are my financing options?

    The process is very similar to applying for a car loan. Most purchasers finance their C3 Retreat at a bank or financial institution where they already have an established account and credit history. An online lending source to consider:

  • How is a C3 Retreat financed, taxed and titled?

    C3 park models are built to a very stringent RV code (ANSI 119.5), certified by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), and are financed, taxed, and titled as a recreational vehicle.

  • What about insurance for my C3 Retreat?

    There are many types of RV insurance policies that cover a broad spectrum of protection. This site compares different companies and types of coverage and is a good resource for investigating RV insurance that best meets your needs.

  • Where can I park my C3 Retreat?

    Privately-owned property or a lot in an RV park or RV resort are the most readily-available locations for park models. However, it is very important to determine the applicable codes, zoning regulations, and covenants/HOA restrictions that apply prior to purchasing a park model home. Zoning regulations are highly specific to your lot, city, county and state. Some locations allow backyard cottages (also called accessory dwelling units or ADUs) where an existing larger home already exists; other locations don’t. City codes may differ from and be stricter than county codes. And, there may be restrictions imposed by a Homeowners Association (HOA) if the lot is in a covenant-protected development. Always check with your local zoning department to determine what regulations apply to your site before you purchase a C3 Retreat.

  • Will I need permits for my C3 Retreat?

    Codes and zoning regulations vary widely so you should check with your local jurisdiction to determine where you can park your C3 Retreat. Other possible permits that you will need to clarify with your local jurisdiction include septic permits and utility connection permits.

  • What other land-related costs will I need to consider in addition to the purchase price of my site?

    Other land-related considerations and costs include:

    • Is there site work that must be done? (site clearing, fill, grading, driveway, etc.)
    • Are utilities and infrastructure already in place or will they have to be installed? Are they easily accessible to your site or will they need to be extended? (septic/sewer, water/well, electricity)

  • What details will I need to handle once I decide to purchase a C3 Retreat?

    Purchaser responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

    • Zoning compliance for intended location
    • Financing
    • Site work – site clearing, fill, grading, driveway
    • Transport to site – this will require a commercial semi-truck and licensed driver
    • Installation at site – contract with a reputable, licensed installer
    • Septic/sewer – contract with local jurisdiction for public sewer or contract with licensed septic installer
    • Water – set up account with public water utility or employ a well contractor, if needed
    • Electricity – set up account with local electric utility and make sure service is run to electric meter on pole adjacent to unit; contract with a licensed electrician to connect service to unit
    • Insurance
    • Skirting and landscaping

  • Will I hook up to a sewer system or septic tank?

    Yes, C3 Retreats are equipped with standard plumbing systems and fittings that connect to a sewer system or septic tank just like a site-built structure. For your convenience and enjoyment, we do not use gray water tanks, black water tanks or composting toilets that require regular cleaning and maintenance. When your C3 Retreat arrives at your site, it is ready for licensed professionals to hook up the utilities. Then you can flip on the power, sit back and enjoy.

  • What kind of electrical system is in a C3 Retreat?

    C3 Retreats are all-electric and have a 125 amp service panel. A licensed electrician will need to connect to the power source once your C3 Retreat is installed at your site.

  • What is the warranty on a C3 Retreat?

    C3 Retreats are covered by a One Year Limited Warranty and a 10 Year Structural Warranty. Additionally, several component suppliers extend warranty privileges to the original owner.

  • What does the RVIA decal on a C3 Retreat signify?

    RVIA membership signifies a company’s pledge to comply with ANSI standard A119.5 which prescribes rigorous structural and life safety requirements for every C3 Retreat. Regular monitoring inspections by professional RVIA field inspectors ensure compliance and ongoing improvement of C3 park models. The RVIA decal also is a nationally-recognized sign of quality and safety and may make it easier for a purchaser to obtain financing, RV insurance and accessibility to RV parks and resorts that lease or sell park model lots.

  • Do you sell plans and materials?

    C3 does not sell plans or materials.

Contact us today to start the exciting process of owning a C3 Retreat. Our helpful representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the purchase process.