The C3 Retreat Series is designed, engineered and constructed to provide a superior park model home in every respect. Built completely indoors in an environmentally-controlled facility, C3 Retreats incorporate distinctive styling, quality materials and high-end finishes and amenities.

What is a Park Model?

All models in the C3 Retreat Series are classified as “Park Models”, a category of RVs that are designed for temporary recreational use and are not intended for full-time occupancy or to serve as a permanent residence.

Park models are mounted on wheels for transporting between RV parks, campgrounds or RV resorts and are often placed long-term or permanently on private property for recreational use by the owner.

Unlike so-called “tiny houses”, C3 park models are built in compliance with ANSI Standard A119.5 of the American National Standards Institute and certified by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). ANSI standard A119.5 limits the size of park models to less than 400 sq ft (excluding porches) and prescribes rigorous structural, life safety, electrical, plumbing and HVAC requirements for the construction and manufacture of park models. While park models are designed, engineered and constructed in strict accordance with ANSI standards, there is no code or standard governing the design or construction of “tiny houses” mounted on wheels, nor is there an established definition or specification for “tiny houses”.

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